APFi Video Montage

This piece is dedicated to each and every donor, volunteer, fan, friend and individual who supports and believes in what we are doing. This is for you. With endless gratitude.

Photography: Reau Gutierrez, Justice Flores, Ferdie Arquero

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Typhoon Haiyan: APFi goes to Leyte


This past week, APFi worked around the clock to finalize travel plans to Leyte in order to deliver relief goods after Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda devastated the region.

What’s in place at this time; we will update as needed:

APFi volunteers Mila Aguilar-Lasquites, Yenyen Puzon travelled from Northern Mindanao to Cebu joining Raul Banque, Bang Longakit and Arleen Gecain to shop for the goods. Yenyen brought over a hundred loaves of bread donated by The Basic Knead Bakery of Iligan.

As of this writing, Mila and Yenyen are on a ferry to Ormoc. They only had seats (versus beds) for the overnight trip as all ferries into Ormoc are sold to capacity. We will update as soon as we obtain more information from them regarding their mission.


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